To the people who complain about no kiss in the Glee ‘box scene’

Okay, this needs some backstory for the readers who aren’t obsessing about Glee like I currently am. Fellow Gleeks and Klaine shippers: feel free to skip ahead. Everyone else: long introduction is long. But necessary for context.

As you may have gathered, there is a gay male couple on Glee, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. In the two seasons of their story arc, they have kissed on-screen exactly three times, in two different episodes. There have been some additional intense looks, a couple of hugs, some dancing, and a bit of hand holding on top of that. So, yeah, people at their school know they’re both gay and a couple, but the school as such is not exactly queer-friendly (or glee club-friendly, at that). There has been bullying, both verbal and physical.

Fans have complained loudly and consistently about the unequal amount of displays of affection Kurt and Blaine got compared to the other major but straight couple of the show (Rachel and Finn). And rightly so.

Anyhow. As far as I can reconstruct it, before the episode “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” (3×09) aired, there was a promo trailer with a scene where Blaine gives Kurt a box with a ring made out of gum wrappers. And then it wasn’t in the episode. Cut for time, or something. So fans begged and wailed and raged and did what fans do in these situations. And eventually it was announced that the script of that episode was to be auctioned off for the benefit of a charity that gives meals to people with HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses. Two fans spread the word on Tumblr and asked for donations to win the script. At $4.200, the script was theirs, and fans kept donating to the project until that number was more than thrice as high. The deleted scene script was put on the internet as well, so everyone could see what we had all missed. And it was wonderful. Sappy, cheesy, and romantic to boot.

So fans kept begging, wailing and raging for the actual scene to be released. After all, it had been filmed and edited already. One day, Glee creator Ryan Murphy joined Twitter. And shortly thereafter, he announced that he would release the scene as soon as he got 500.000 followers (he had about 50.000 at that point, I believe). So fans did their thing, getting him up to 100.000 within only a day, with the help of many, many multiple accounts. And then Ryan Murphy probably decided that he’d rather have actual followers than half a million fake accounts created by manic fans (or maybe he really was moved by the love and greed of the Gleeks), so he released the scene early.

And this is why I can write about it now. After watching it more times than I care to admit. But see for yourselves:

Of course, the Glee fandom, especially the Klaine shippers (= fans of the Kurt/Blaine relationship), has gone mad over this (if the very small part of it that I witness via my Tumblr is any indication, and it usually is). Many interesting observations about parallels and micro-continuity were made, wonderful GIFs were created, and most of all there was a general roar made of squee and many, many tears of joy.

One comment that appeared over and over again, however, stuck out for me because whenever I read it, I thought: No. And this is what this blog post is all about.

The way I see it, a kiss in that scene would have been wrong, wrong, WRONG. And I say that as a hopeless Klaine shipper.

And Kurt’s reaction to Blaine’s promise to kiss him “whenever and wherever” he wants tells you all the reasons why there wasn’t a kiss.

They’re at their still-not-particularly-gay-friendly school. In a hallway where a constant stream of people walks past while they’re speaking. Even having this conversation in this place is a risk already (anyone up to writing a dystopian box scene interrupted by an anti-gay slur or worse?). Not to mention the kind of hug that IS in the scene.

And remember? Blaine has a history of being gay-bashed (“they beat the living crap out of us”) so it seems very realistic that he wouldn’t feel comfortable with kissing Kurt in this kind of situation. Even if he has already shown that he has the courage to be more open about their relationship in other, less open (yeah, I know, the irony…) spaces (e.g. the prom where enough teachers were around who would not tolerate violence, the Lima Bean coffee shop where the bullies don’t seem to go to, or the gay bar). And that he’s willing to stand up to bullies in general. But he doesn’t want to risk an attack in THIS situation, when their hearts are so, so open and they’re both so, so vulnerable.

And Kurt knows these things. Because I imagine they talk about these things in private, even if we don’t see in on-screen. Or maybe just because he’s smart and pays attention to Blaine. Anyhow. He knows. And that’s why he looks around when Blaine makes that promise. To assess the risk of asking for a kiss because he really, really wants one, right there, right then. But he also loves Blaine and he knows that you don’t go and exploit a promise like this just because you can.

So, that feeling of not-getting-a kiss-even-if-you-very-very-badly-want-one that all the people feel who have posted this kind of statement? Is exactly how it feels for people IN THAT KIND OF SITUATION.

Which is why it’s absolutely RIGHT that there is NO KISS.

It only makes me ship Klaine even harder. Because they’re REAL.